Sterling Silver, Aventurine, Lapis

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    Brass, Candle Light

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    Brass Brooch

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My most sacred memories and experiences are explored in my work. Each piece is based on my personal understanding in relation to anthropological themes of life. The mediums I like to use are materials that are closely intertwined with everyday experiences, with most of my work made in metal. Metal bridges cultures throughout the world with its many purposes, from elaborate adornment to strictly functional uses, it allows me to connect with others through materiality.

Experiencing various cultures firsthand – from growing up in the Midwest to exploring the temples of Southeast Asia – lets me gain an appreciation of other civilizations and inspires me to develop my own artistic responses to them. My individual story assimilates into the sanctified stories of other cultures, such as the Balinese celebration of ancestral spirits in the Galungan Festival and folklore of the Dutch Reform Church in Sleepy Hollow.  Embracing the past, I create objects that serve to pay homage to history and foster new understandings.


Helicopter Seed Hairpin


Tiger Cub Reliquary


Snap Dragon Ring

Biomorphic Ring

Who Are You?

Pastel Drawing of Lauren Haylock

Eddy’s Elephant

A brooch , Eddy Eleghant, made out of sterling silver. -

Self Portrait Locket

Self Portrait Locket

Lady Lauren

Lady Lauren

Madonna and Child

Madonna and child

Keystone Box

Galungan Coffee Table

The Flattened Construct

Lady Lounging

Spring Basket

Skirted Female

Overseers of the Amethyst

From Scratch

Crazy Lace Canyon

Michael and Star


Juniper’s Tree

Juniper in the Forest

Backyard Paradise